Tutorial session

Welcome to Tutor Training: Professional Development Online. This website is a result of a collaborative initiative between The University of Melbourne and The University of Sydney.

It has been designed to specifically support tutors and sessional academics responsible for small group teaching in the disciplines within the Faculty of Economics and Commerce and the University of Sydney Business School - economics, finance, accounting, actuarial studies, management, and political science.

One of the key features of the website is that it incorporates video-clips of authentic and simulated classroom scenarios with ‘real tutors’ facilitating small group tutorials, in order to demonstrate a range of styles, approaches and strategies. It also features a number of interviews with tutors and academics providing insights to a broad range of teaching issues. The website has been designed to stimulate your thinking about teaching and learning – for example each video-clip is accompanied by key teaching points, there are links to a range of self-assessment tools, additional resources; and a forum through which to engage in further conversation with other tutors, or a focused discussion facilitated by the occasional guest.

But while many of the approaches and strategies that you will observe are located within specific disciplinary contexts, for example management or accounting – there is much that is just good small group teaching. In that way, we hope that the website provides useful models of small group teaching that can be modified to meet your specific needs.

We hope you find the material contained on the website useful and we look forward to hearing from you.

Please note the technical requirements (found under Before You Begin) needed to view the video and other resources on this web site.