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Unprepared Students

Focus Points: Tutor modelling answers – Tutorial with Rosina Mladenovic

Rosina checks directly with students as to whether they have attempted their tutorial homework. She finds out that many students are unprepared. Rosina then follows up with the students to work out why they haven’t attempted, or finished the pre-tutorial work. You’ll notice she asks a particular student by name as to why. Asking students specifically by name can be effective.

On this occasion Rosina elects to take them through the first question using the overhead transparency, as it’s easier for students to hear her than if she were facing away from them to write on the board.

Rosina invites students to confirm their answer with the one given. Checking understanding throughout the process is important, so that you know what aspects students are having difficulties with. Rosina then asks students to have a go at doing a similar question with a different percentage. This reinforces the learning process.

An alternative strategy when students are unprepared is to have them attempt the question in class first, before going through the solution.

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