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Sound Conclusions to Tutorials

Focus Points: Closing A Tutorial – Tutorial with Lucy

At the end of this tutorial, Lucy says that she is happy to stay behind and complete 2 specific problems that she didn’t have time to complete in the tutorial. This might be possible if the teaching room is not being used for the next class. If it is, you might be able to find another space with your students or ask them to see you in office or consultation hours.

Lucy mentions the topic for next week and encourages the students to take sheets home over the weekend with exercises that will be covered in the following week. This gives students an opportunity to prepare for the class. She also reminds the students that they should read the handouts so that they know which topics will be covered each week.

Lucy invites students to take jelly beans as they leave…“why – because you are all champions”. Lucy clearly shows how much she values her students.

Lucy lists all of the materials students need to bring for the next tutorial e.g. the quiz. It could be helpful to write these on an overhead or the board and ask the students to write it down too so they don’t forget.

Lucy asks students to drop off their completed feedback sheets. Asking students provide feedback on their understanding of the material covered as well as your teaching, especially in the first few weeks of the semester, can really help you tailor the tutorials to meet the student learning needs.

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