Classroom Management Strategies
Tutorial session


Have a look at the advice in structuring the first tutorial. Subsequent tutorials may run differently, but there are certain processes which are incorporated into each tutorial. Make sure that you arrive on time and ensure that both you, and the room, are welcoming for the students and that furniture is arranged in the way that supports your method of interaction with the students.

Students will value the tutorial time if they know you do too. The opening is crucial for setting the tone and ensuring students feel confident about what they are learning during that session. Have the outline of the tutorial prepared and check that you have enough material for all students and that all equipment in functioning and ready to use.

Start confidently and focus the students on the learning which will happen during the session. You may wish to use the opening to review material, clarify any difficulties students report about the previous tutorial, set the scene for the current tutorial, and make connections between the tutorial and the lecture and subject content as a whole. You may prefer to deal with any administrative or housekeeping matters, including maintaining the roll, towards the end of the tutorial so that the class can focus on the tutorial material straight away.

Here are some strategies and examples: