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Effective Opening of a Tutorial

Focus Points: Opening a Management Tutorial – Tutorial with John

John starts by asking students to identify issues that are concerning them. You’ll notice that John does not get any responses from the class, as individuals may be reluctant to start the discussion. John senses this and moves quickly to an alternative strategy to build discussion. He divides students into groups of three. This is a good number for group discussion as each student must contribute. Sometimes it is also helpful to mix students up and ask them to move to alternative seats rather than using the existing seating pattern to provide the basis for group formation.

John then provides the groups with questions to consider. John could have also written these on the board for students to refer to as they discuss the problems. John is very clear about how long the groups will discuss the questions; which groups will discuss which questions; and that each group will report back to the tutorial group as a whole. He could also have asked the groups to decide on who was to be responsible for reporting back. John says that he will be available to assist the groups during the activity.

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