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Effective Opening of a Tutorial

Focus Points: Housekeeping and Setting Objectives – Tutorial with Brendan

Brendan warmly greets students – he’s got terrific attending behaviour, great eye contact, body language and is very energetic. On this occasion he starts the tutorial with housekeeping items, for example assessment due dates and so forth.

Brendan provides students with a very succinct overview of the tutorial, so students would be very clear about what was going to be covered. He takes the roll before then moving into the actual activities.

You might decide to allocate a few minutes at the end of the tutorial to deal with housekeeping or administrative matters rather than actually doing so right at the beginning. If you do, just ensure you let students know when you set the overall context that you'll be dealing with assessments etc. before the end. This just alleviates any anxiety that students might have about forthcoming assignments.

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