Classroom Management Strategies
Tutorial session

Time management

Working within the time constraints is one of the biggest challenges for tutors. Often working through the tutorial material beforehand can provide you with an idea of how long students will need to complete the tasks. Remember that students will work at a different pace and you may need to make allowance for this in your timing. So before the tutorial think about the amount of time each question or activity is likely to take. It may be that some questions or issues are more complex / important than others. If this is the case spend a proportionate amount of time on these questions or issues in order to reflect this. If you don't have time to cover the more straightforward questions, guide students to where they could find text or online solutions.

For small group work be sure to give clear instructions as to how much time students have on each activity. Alerting students to the amount of time they have to discuss an issue or problem assists in keeping the discussion focussed and productive.

Ensure that you leave an adequate amount of time for an appropriate closure.

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