Diversity and Inclusive Practice
Tutorial session

Understanding diversity

Your students will have their own assumptions and past experiences. Ramburuth and Welch (2005) describe an exercise students can do to reflect on their own culture and their perceptions of other cultures. Ramburuth and Welch also describe how they used student-generated case studies so international students could ‘contribute specialist knowledge and local students (could) learn valuable lessons from experiences in other cultures’ (2005: 20).

For international students, a key to effective learning and participation is providing them with support to adapt to a new culture and learning environment. Turner (2006) recommends ensuring that all students have a clear understanding of the requirements and skills needed to complete the unit.

As a tutor you are responsible for recognising and managing the range of learning styles that students bring to their learning and ensuring that you address the needs of students from a variety of heredity, cultural background and beliefs. Be sensitive to the varying needs of the students within your tutorial and work towards all students reaching their full potential.

If industry is to have a creative and diverse workforce, then it is essential that universities implement strategies that will promote inclusiveness and prepare students who are educationally equipped to operate within this diversity of future colleagues.