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Building Confidence

Focus Points: Question Time – Tutorial with Rosina Mladenovic

Rosina emphasises that there is no such thing as a silly question. It is important for the students to know it is OK to ask questions for clarification, information, out if interest etc and that there will be no put-downs. Rosina says that she won’t always know the answer to all questions, and may have to investigate and research some queries. It’s far better to take the time to a check an answer (e.g with the academic in charge) rather than give incorrect information to students.

Sometimes questions may be off the topic, or perhaps not of interest to the other students and so addressing these questions outside of class time is the most appropriate way to handle them.

Rosina invites questions. She responds to students by name and is positive about the question that is asked. Assessment is a topic uppermost on students’ minds and a topic we need to re-visit throughout the semester. Rosina reminds the students that if they have any other questions, they can see her in her consultation hours or use the online discussion board.

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