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Building Confidence

Focus Points: Student models answer – Tutorial with Rosina Mladenovic

Rosina first checks who attempted the question, and sees that quite a few students have. She is positive and encouraging, which leads in well to asking who would like to demonstrate their answer to the class. She then calls on a particular student, who perhaps has volunteered or is making good eye contact and looks ready. It's a good idea to think about what you would do if no-one seemed keen.

Asking a student to demonstrate their working helps that student develop communication skills and reinforce their learning. For the rest of the class it provides a break from the tutor always providing the solutions, and shows students that they need to be ready to actively participate.

Rosina gives positive feedback to the student. The clip does not show discussion of the answer and working. Think about how you might handle the situation if the answer (or working) was incorrect. It 's important to handle such a situation tactfully.

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