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Small Group Activities

Focus Points: Report-back following small group discussions – Tutorial with John

Here John is leading a report-back session following the small group discussions. John had asked the tutorial to break into groups of 3-4 to discuss two aspects of the tutorial material (ie half of the groups looked at one issue and the other half focussed on the other issue). John gave the groups a time limit of 5 minutes before reporting back. During the group work, John walked around and answered questions as needed.

John identifies his role as scribe and then indicates where the discussion will start – with a definition. Notice John’s attending body language as the student provides a definition: he is facing the student; he maintains eye contact throughout the answer; he nods occasionally in a reassuring way.

When the student finishes, John rewards with an affirming comment, “I like that”. When another student responds to further questions John challenges part of the response through further questioning while maintaining a friendly and supportive interaction. Laughing in a collegial manner with students contributes to a relaxed and engaging atmosphere in a tutorial.

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