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Small Group Activities

Focus Points: Setting up of small group activity – Tutorial with Carson

Carson provides a brief overview of a discussion framework (ORID1) that has been covered in class before. Carson links the activity to forthcoming assessment. This focuses students' attention and shows how relevant and valuable the activity is.

Carson checks if students understand the instructions by asking “Are you clear?”. A time frame is then given along with advice to take notes while participating. It's important to provide clear instructions for small group activities so that students can get straight into the activity without wasting time trying work out how to approach it. A time frame helps students to be more focussed and efficient.

  1. For more information on the ORID framework see:
    The Art of Focused Conversation, by Brian Stanfield, co-published by New Society Publishers and the Canadian Institute of Cultural Affairs, 1999. (At University of Sydney Library)

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