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Structuring the tutorial

Focus Points: Demonstrating an Answer – Tutorial with Lucy

Encouraging student participation can be scary for both the student and the tutor, especially when the students do not respond and there is that uncomfortable silence. In this case the clip begins with the tutor saying "Yay! very good." How encouraging is that! The tutor clearly celebrates the student's success (Annie) in answering the question correctly. This kind of positive response is more likely to encourage participation. Lucy goes on to ask Annie how she worked it out. Lucy demonstrates how to answer the problem by using student's responses and continually asking for student input. This helps students learn from each other and be an active part of the learning process.

Writing the answer on the overhead and repeating what the student has said means that everyone in the room can see and hear the process of solving the problem.

The tutor seemed to stumble a little in going the through the answer..."what does a = ...doesn't matter"... This will happen from time to time. This can be best avoided by having prepared the answer before class and having the answer right beside you.

Once Lucy has been through the problem she sets the class another problem to work through, so that the students can apply what they have just observed.


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