Generating Engagement & Participation
Tutorial session

Whole group activities

An important part of planning for engagement and active participation comes through the choices we make in relation to learning activities. With small group classes or tutorials these usually take the form of whole group activities, which we cover in this section; small group activities, which immediately follow on, or individual tasks. For many of us, the reality will be that we use a combination of learning activities. What’s important is that the learning activity is appropriate for the type of subject, the nature of the tutorial, e.g. problem-solving, discussion-based, and your objective.

For many of us thinking about whole group activities for our students may simply be engaging students in tutor-led questioning, whole class discussion, or having students work through a problem at the board. Each of these is an effective way of working with the whole group. Depending on the subject there are alternatives such as role play or debate which you may like to explore.

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