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Whole Group Activities

Focus Points: Role play part 1 – Tutorial with Rosina Mladenovic

Rosina introduces the topic and explains the role play. Role plays provide students with an opportunity to see a situation from a different view point – to put themselves in someone else’s shoes. It can be an opportunity for students to link learning to the ‘real world’, develop communication skills, plus it provides a structured opportunity for quieter students to express themselves.

Rosina uses humour throughout the process of selecting students to perform the role play. This helps diffuse any nervousness and acknowledges the natural reluctance to participate.

When using a role play or other small group activities, it’s important to think about how all students will benefit from the activity. For example, in this clip Rosina asks all students to note down the main points, key issues and any questions, to be raised afterwards in a whole class discussion.

It is a great idea to have a practice run as it gives the ‘actors’ a chance to settle into their roles and the class more time to absorb the concepts. At the conclusion of the role play, Rosina is very positive and encourages applause.

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