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Whole Group Activities

Focus Points: Role play part 2 – Tutorial with Rosina Mladenovic

Rosina asks students to prepare a role play for next week’s class. This role play provides the students with an opportunity to show that they understand the concepts they’ve been learning about (debit and credit).

Rosina gives instructions (though perhaps more details could also be given, e.g. on a handout). She says that she’ll ask a number of students to present next week - so they are prepared for that.

At the following class, Rosina reminds students of last week’s role play and again praises the role players. This creates a nice link to the current tutorial, as well as acknowledging those students again and helping any nervous students feel better about presenting this week.

Think about how you might involve the rest of the class in actively observing the role plays, and what kind of feedback you could give to the students to further develop their understanding of the concepts under discussion.

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