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Whole Group Activities

Focus Points: Debate – Tutorial with Rosina Mladenovic

Rosina uses the role playing examples to introduce the technique of debating. Debates can help students improve critical thinking and oral communication skills and provide students with an opportunity to see a situation from an alternate perspective and to link learning to the ‘real world’.

Rosina gives clear instructions including how long the students have to prepare their debates (perhaps these instructions could also be provided in written form). Rosina selects a team and checks if they feel ready to present. Rosina helps the team set up and also primes the audience to support the debaters.

Afterwards, Rosina praises the debaters and says that she learned about the issue. This is good teaching as she’s acknowledging that, although she is an expert, she can learn from the students. Think about how you could find out what the whole class learned from observing and participating in the debates.

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