Feedback and Assessment
Feedback and Assessment

Effective Written Feedback

Often the feedback that students receive on their written work, results of tests and examination questions is referred to as passive feedback as students are not actively engaged in obtaining or constructing feedback. Many students may look only at the grade or mark and may not learn from the comments given or the mistakes that they have made.

So the kind of feedback that you provide students is important since it may influence the degree to which students attend to the feedback and therefore influence future assessment tasks. Students need to know where they are and where they are expected, or need, to be. This is where your feedback will assist them in setting steps for progress in their learning. Simply writing ‘good idea’ or ‘unclear point’ against a section isn’t helpful. Effective written feedback needs to be explicit, as often generic advice is not applied elsewhere, and importantly give students a sense of what to do differently next time.

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