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Getting student feedback

Feedback (Accounting)

Matt distributes a feedback sheet at the end of the tutorial. Notice how he provides students with a sense of why he’s asking for feedback, and importantly, the kind of feedback he’d like. In this example, Matt wants their input in terms of content, what they’ve learned, but also in terms of tutorial structure, perhaps Matt’s tutoring style or the kinds of activities he’s incorporating. He makes it clear that any feedback is anonymous, and signals to students how he’ll communicate a summary of the feedback via email and Blackboard (the online learning site).

If you seek feedback from your students, it’s essential to provide them a summary of that feedback, plus your response to the feedback. Whether you do so via the internet or the next time your group meets, the important thing is to signal to students that you’ve taken their feedback seriously and can demonstrate, where possible to do so, those areas that you might modify.

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