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Remembering and pronouncing names

Names and roll call

As soon as possible, learn the students’ names, show that you recognise them and try to quickly become familiar with characteristics connected with their work. Rosina asks the students to write their names on cards and display them for the first few weeks.

Asking the students to tell you one thing about themselves is another way of jogging memory of names. You may remember that fact and be able to link it to their name: e.g. Emily Re – Re means sun in Italian, Marshall loves sailing, Singh is homesick, etc. It is also important to find out preferred names and how to pronounce difficult names. Write the preferred name on the roll.

There is one student who may be in the wrong tutorial. This may happen at the beginning of semester, and it may be better to allow ‘lost’ students to stay until the end of class rather than cause them embarrassment by asking them to leave. Check with the academic in charge as to the best way to handle this.

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