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Clarifying Expectations

Expectations of students

It is very important to establish shared expectations in the first tutorial. Rosina uses a very sound strategy of asking the students what they think their role as a student in a tutorial is, as students may be more likely to adhere to ground rules that they have helped create.

Rosina elaborates on the students’ suggestions which is good. You could also ask students to explain a bit more about what they meant by their point, before adding your own points.

Rosina asks for any objections to content on the list. This shows the students the tutor is prepared to take the students’ points of view into consideration. You might want to think about what you might do if a student did object.

While negotiating expectations is critical in the first tutorial, you may need to revisit these expectations along the way at other times during the semester.

Rosina takes the opportunity to address the issue of plagiarism. Check your Faculty’s/University’s policy on academic honesty and also talk to your lecturer/coordinator about what guidelines to provide to students, and what to do if you encounter academic dishonesty.

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