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Fostering Independent Learning

Approach to tutorial [how we’ll work]

With 5 minutes left in the tutorial, Rosina signals to students the need to wrap things up, and to think ahead to next week. In any tutorial bringing things to a close is a vital aspect so it’s important to allow sufficient time.

As a starting point, she reviews her approach to students. Making our approach to teaching explicit is important. In this clip, as this is the end of the first tutorial Rosina elects to provide quite a bit of detail. She takes students back through the tutorial and reviews the structure that is normally in place – you’ll notice as she does she emphasizes why she does things in a particular way. She also gives students a sense of the kinds of learning activities that may be incorporated. This is important as it signals to students the diversity of learning tasks – small group, whole group discussion and so forth that they will participate in.

Rosina takes this opportunity to talk about feedback and how she will get feedback from students. Her approach is to give students a feedback sheet each week. You may find that structuring an opportunity for feedback mid-way through the semester is sufficient – what’s important is to find some way of hearing from students along the way, and not wait until the end of the semester.

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